Incredible Food Sculptures by Valeriano Fatica

These amazing and incredibly detailed sculptures have been created by the talented Italian artist Valeriano Fatica.

Monkey – Watermelon

Valeriano Fatica spends lots of hours to transform watermelons, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, avocados, cheese, truffles, and even tiny coffee beans into astonishing detailed sculptures. Here you can see a delicious watermelon Gollum, a cheesy Jesus, an avocado Pikachu, a potato Cthulhu, a pumpkin Joker, a coffee bean Hulk, and many more. Enjoy!


Cheese Sculpture

Turtle – Watermelon

Santa Claus – Watermelon

Dog – Pumpkin Carving

Dragon – Watermelon

Gollum – Watermelon

Joker – Pumpkin Sculpture


Coffee Bean Thanos

Pikachu – Avocado

Jesus Christ – Watermelon

The Mount Rushmore, 1,5 Kg Truffle Carving

The Orange Walker – Pumpkin

Rabbit – Watermelon

Eating Beauty – Parmesan Wheel

Anger – Carrot

Watermelons Fusion

Cthulhu – Potato

Valeriano Fatica

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