Sage Essential Oils To Find A Calmer Lifestyle

Sage has been a treasure herb for many centuries. Back in the middle ages it was even referred to as Sage the Savior. This excellent herb is perfect for cleansing a body and spirit.

The sage essential oil can be used for many purposes both, topically or cosmetically and can be used even to help a person who is trying to find a calmer lifestyle. It should come as no surprise that once someone is introduced to sage oil the love is instant.

Sage essential oil is made from the steam that gets diluted from the herb.

Often people mistake sage essential oil with clary sage essential oil, but the two are very different from one another.

They may come from the same type of plant, but they are two completely different types of essential oils.


Sage essential oil is commonly used for kicking negative moods out the window. It is useful for helping a person stimulate their mind and clarify their thoughts, helping them along on their journey to find inner peace. Many people find that this oil helps them balance out their mood and uplift their spirit.

Its mentally soothing effects can make it easier for a person who is trying to find calm. They eventually feel more attentive and have a sharper memory, helping them to feel mentally stronger.


Sage essential oil has just as many benefits for your skin as it does your mind. It’s amazing when used topically for eliminating toxins from the body. This is really helpful for providing your body with relief from minor skin abrasions, cuts, and sores. It can also be used to clear up blemishes and calm down acne.

This essential oil is loaded with conditioning properties that can help soothe irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with swelling and other skin irritations. Some people have even had luck when using a sage essential oil topically on stretch marks.


Of course, sage essential oil is not a medicine. However, it’s loaded with antibacterial properties that can help calm down the effects of some medical conditions. It works wonderfully when used to control bacterial infections. It can even be used to help tame unwanted skin conditions like athlete’s foot or dermatitis.

It can be used to calm down your stomach after you have eaten too much. If you are suffering from any digestive issues, such as built-up gas, you may find relief by using this oil. Sage essential oil can also be used to eliminate any toxins that could be harmful to your body.

If you find yourself getting irritable and sore when your menstrual cycle arrives, this essential oil may help you find relief. Use it to help you feel less stressed and naturally in a better mood. It can also help regulate your menstrual cycle and stabilize the symptoms that come along with it.


Sage essential oil is a top choice when it comes to uplifting aromatherapy. It helps people feel better emotionally and lifts their spirits. It’s easy to find calm when using this soothing oil. The scent of sage is one of the best ones that you can find for completely de-stressing after a tough day.

Help ease negative thoughts and brighten your mood with this essential oil. Clarify your mind and toss all of those negative mantras in the garbage.

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