Perfect Accessory for the Modern Gentleman by Azuro Republic

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry you can hold and wear for years, you can consider excellent looking bracelets by Azuro Republic. While there are endless options when it comes to the bracelets you can buy, there aren’t many like Azuro Republic, a brand that plans to redefine the taste of true gentlemen with their amazing accessories. Designed for men who want to stand out, these stunning bracelets are available in many different combinations and three collections (Azuro, Silver, and Gold) to make sure they fit your own particular style and tastes.

The brand’s name, “Azuro”, is actually formed from the first letter of each crafter’s name, while “Republic” stands for mutual respect and understanding. In over 30 years in apprenticeship, the company’s experts and specialists have searched all over the world for unique and valuable minerals that could be turned into precious beads with plenty of history and value, helping us add a visual impact to our lives in the process.

Excellent Materials

They found White Jade in Iran, Afghanistan, India, and XingJiang, Blue Turquoise – a noble phosphate mineral from the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, Howlite – a marble-looking borate mineral from California and Nova Scotia, Tiger Eye – a silky quartz discovered in the gorges of America and Hematite – a wonderful gem made of iron oxide that was found in the Middle East.

Add in Picasso Jasper, a mineral that looks like a beautiful painting, Lapis Lazuli, a gorgeous blue gem decorated with white minerals, Chrysanthemum, a delicate treasure found in the ocean, and Obsidian, a dark gemstone found in lava, and you can easily understand that Azuro Republic’s craftsmen went above and beyond to create something truly special for us.

Their eye-catching accessories use all these unique natural materials, crafted into little beads chiseled to perfection, and combined with precious metals like gold and silver to get these gloriously stylish bracelets.

Azuro stands out from others. Their carefully crafted bracelets are high quality combining fashion and tradition in the most beautiful way possible.

You can feel the amount of this perfect work that goes into polishing and engraving each and every single one of those tiny beads.

Available for prices starting at just $119 for the Silver Enamel Blue Hematite bracelet and going up to $229 for the Gold Enamel Black Tiger Eye or the Gold Enamel Turquoise Obsidian, these lovely bracelets will help you make a style statement wherever you go.

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