Extraordinary Rosan Diamond Credit Cards Cost up to $50,000

Zurich based company Rosan Diamond that introduces unique jeweled credit cards decked out with gold, precious gems and incredibly creative designs, managed to amaze the public once more, turning these secular plastic pieces into jaw dropping works of art.

The bespoke credit cards are priced between $18,000 and $34,000 but custom-made versions could go up to $50,000, depending on how complicated is the design and the value of the precious gems that go into it.

The Swiss company Rosan Diamond was founded in 2000 and after receiving certification from VISA to sell its gold, gem-encrusted cards on VISA Infinite and VISA Signature platforms, more and more people wanted to swipe up cash in style!

The brand’s clients are usually businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world and even concierge services like the UK-based luxury lifestyle management firm Insignia.

The extraordinary credit cards from Rosan Diamond feature unique designs inspired by mythology, culture, nature and even modern things, showcased through a gorgeous mix of transparent and translucent elements and colored, metallic, reflective aspects. Every single card looks like a true work of art, with some of the company’s most famous designs being “Two Pandas on a tree” and a version inspired by Gustav Klimt’s iconic “The Kiss”.

Here are some of Rosan Diamond’s most bespoke Art Collection cards:


Design details: Two pandas in a tree

Made with: Gold, 612 diamonds, 6 rubies, 12 pink sapphires, 4 green diamonds, jasper, jadeite, malachite, violane, seashell, mother of pearl.

‘The Kiss’

Design details: Inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.

Made with: Gold, flint, jasper, nephrite, jadeite, rhodonite, malachite, charoite, tiger’s eye, mother of pearl, sodalite.


Design details: A female golfer going through the motions of a golf swing.

Made with: Gold, 183 diamonds, mother of pearl.

‘Butterfly in the Orchids’

Design details: A butterfly in flight among orchids.

Made with: Gold, 133 diamonds, 86 black diamonds, 4 blue sapphires, 48 pink sapphires, 68 rubies, jadeite, pearl, coral, nephrite, mother of pearl, rhodonite.

‘Parade of Planets’

Design details: Planets congregating along the same side of the sun in a “parade”.

Made with: Gold, 190 diamonds, jasper, turquoise, lazurite, rhodonite, charoite, carnelian, mother of pearl.


Design details: Warriors and a winged sphinx from paintings in the Palace of the Persian king Darius I at Susa in modern-day Iran.

Made with: Gold, diamonds, jasper, turquoise, jadeite, lazurite, violane, azurite, mother of pearl.


Design details: A braided hammock and marijuana leaf.

Made with: Gold, 56 diamonds, jasper, jadeite, lazurite, mother of pearl.

‘Tsuba Dragon’

Design details: Two Japanese dragons.

Made with: Gold, 72 champagne diamonds, 231 cognac diamonds, mother of pearl, jasper.

‘Frescoes of Knossos’

Design details: The card reproduces two frescoes (one on the front; one on the back) from the ancient Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete, which dates back to 1900 BC.

Made with: Gold, 413 diamonds, 245 blue sapphires, dumortierit, jasper, lazurite, mother of pearl.

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