Bentley Unveiled New Line of Golf Clubs and Accessories

A 96-year-old British carmaker Bentley Motors continues with the all new Tech Collection – a suite of cutting edge golf clubs, inspired by the mighty Continental GT. Just like the company’s renowned Grand Tourer, the new Tech line represents a marriage between innovation and traditional craftsmanship, with an impeccable design and the perfect balance between performance and quality.

High quality materials like carbon fiber, high density steel, soft aluminum and titanium have been beautifully joined together to find the ideal balance and feel for these clubs. The irons have been specially crafted to deliver unprecedented power and versatility, for both professionals and amateurs who love the game.

The irons boast titanium faces and carbon fiber backs, while the capsule’s putter and edges feature high density steel, soft aluminum and carbon fiber detailing. High end details appear everywhere on the clubs: from the grips, with Bentley’s signature diamond knurling, to the CNC-milled grooves, or the curving of the crown and sole, which seem to resemble the rear end of the Continental GT.

But the real show stoppers are the weighted metallic-green “B” screws, which adorn every golf club, designed after the unique wheel centers of the Le Mans-winning Bentley EXP Speed 8. We don’t have any info on pricing or availability yet, but we know that a driver from Bentley Golf’s Classic collection costs $1,000, so you can expect these to cost a little bit more than that. A specific release date hasn’t yet been announced, but the Tech Collection will be available sometime in spring of this year.

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